The Madness of Little Emma Wiki

The Manual of Style is a guideline intending to keep a constant style across the wiki. Editors are expected to follow it. Changes and additions do not require a vote, but must meet a general consensus.

Use common sense while following this guideline. There are occasions when certain rules can be ignored.

Core rules[]

  • Vandalism, insertion of intentionally false information, nonsense, spam, advertisement, etc, are all against the rules.
  • Information should be as encyclopedic and unopinionated as possible.
  • Keep the layout of new pages similar to related pages (for example, when making a new Item page, derive its layout from an existing Item page).
  • Do not copy information from other wikis or sources without the right to do so.


As noted in the core rules, the layout of new pages should be similar to related pages. A few less general rules to keep in mind:

  • An average page can be made of four components- the infobox, content, navigation box (or navbox) then the categories.
  • The components should be ordered as so, each with a blank line separating them.
  • The content component is required; the other components can not always be used, and should only be included when applicable.
  • Sections should be in "wiktionary style" - using no spaces (like ==Section==, not like == Section ==).
  • Categories should be "stacked" - with no new lines between them (like [[Category:Category 1]][[Category:Category 2]]).
  • Level 1 sections (like =Section=) should almost never be used.
  • Bold and italics should be used for emphasis instead of caps.
  • Bold text should be used for the first occurrence of the article's title in the lead section.

Disambiguation pages[]

  • Use unordered lists to list different definitions. Include {{Disambiguation}} at the bottom.
  • When possible, do not link directly to disambiguation pages. Instead, link to the appropriate article.
  • Disambiguated articles should however use {{About}} to link to their disambiguation page.


  • Do not leave a blank line between list items.
  • Include a space between the list item marker and the actual text item.

Wiki markup[]

  • Wikitext should be preferred over HTML elements when possible.
  • Unicode characters are preferred over HTML entities.
  • Avoid changing the font, style and color of text without reason.


As noted in the core rules, information should be as encyclopedic and factual as possible. A few less general rules to keep in mind:

  • Use a gender-neutral tone when referring to the player (like they or their). Although the Characters are all female, the player could be of any gender (or could even be an alien!).
  • Avoid using an instructive or presumptuous tone. A tone that addresses the reader or author directly is considered unencyclopedic.
    • The most common example of this is the usage of the word you. Instead, use a different word choice like the player.
  • Use "universal" English (terms that are applicable everywhere) or American English when possible.
  • Never correct grammar, spelling, or capitalization of in-game text.


Currently, little to no mods exist for The Madness of Little Emma. However, all mods have a right to be documented here, and in the mainspace. All modded entities and changes should be noted as modded, and any changes to "vanilla" entities should be under vanilla information.


  • Images should have a copyright notice included. A list of these can be found here.
  • Images should follow the naming conventions of similar images.