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This template defines the table "Items".

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{{Item}} creates an infobox for Items.


  • name: the name of the item. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}
  • icon: the name of the item's icon. This doesn't include the "File:" or ".png", or anything before or after, just the name. Defaults to the name parameter, or {{PAGENAME}} if that isn't declared.
  • desc: the in-game description of the item. This is the one that is shown when an item is first received; it's not particularly descriptive and usually shorter than the details. Defaults to "?".
  • details: the in-game details of the time. This is the one that is shown in the pause menu; it's more descriptive than the the desc. Defaults to "?".
  • usable: whether or not the item can be used via the "Use Item" key. If it costs gold and can be activated than it is a consumable. Defaults to "No".
  • use_cost: the cost to use the item (if it is usable), i.e. the gold cost (if any) consumed when the "Use Item" key is pressed.
  • madness: the amount of madness an item adds to the player. Defaults to "1".
  • uses: how many uses. Only applied if consumable is defined. Defaults to "1".
  • sheet: the tilesheet that this item is defined on. Defaults to "items.png" (which includes almost all of the normal items).
  • coords: the tilesheet coordinates of the item. The format is "X, Y". Defaults to "?".
  • version: the version that introduces this Item. Defaults to "?".


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