The Madness of Little Emma Wiki

Patch 1.6 is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma.

Patch notes[]

  • all standard bosses have alternate colour version now (most of them are more difficult than ordinary), I did not have much time to playtest it, so if you find some of them too difficult let me know and I might consider tuning them down in a small update next week,
  • alternate colour bosses will also appear for those who have only unlocked ending 1 (but with significantly lower chance), the probability noticeably goes up if you have unlocked ending 2,
  • fixed a bunch of speeling mistakes,
  • Elizabeth can also float up using left controller stick,
  • moved dare button a little bit leftwards (so you don't fall on it if you press 'down' too long when entering the room from upper one)
  • if you have Love Letter, you can access Love Burrow from The Riddle
  • a bunch of new rooms and minor balance changes