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Patch 1.4 is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma.

Patch notes[]


  • 10 new hidden small side areas - some spoilers at the end
  • new unlockable character - Marah /unlocked by beating all forms of Spirit
  • 3 new items (unlocks for Marah) +fix for 2 items which were here already but it was impossible to unlock them (sorry!)
  • Press 'R' to select random character when starting a game
  • Several new special room types
  • 2 new bosses (they were planned for 1.3, but I didn't manage to finish them back then)
  • new secret difficult way to end the game - no new cutscenes, but a new game ending fight+ lots of ladder points if completed:^
  • 30 new achievements
  • overall polishing in multiple places
  • ladder reset
  • leaderboard on the right from main menu shows top 100 instead of top 10 (the list cycles every few seconds)


  • Fruit machine no longer messes up when Valentine is randomly selected (actually Valentine won't show there ever, but even if it did, it would be fine this time;))
  • Fruit Machine+Hourglass no longer crashes the game
  • spikes don't get covered in blood from spitting at them and items falling on them
  • bubble gum balloon has a cap on how often it can fire (~10 times per second max), so it won't freeze the game in some unfortunate cases
  • shopkeeper has a cap on how often he can fire
  • looped sounds (like little sorrows crying in Misery) should no longer bug out and never stop
  • love letter no longer messes up Siblings appearing in The Answer
  • April's shield gets destroyed together with her
  • rainbow herb no longer changes your health by half a heart, it is full heart up or down now (or not changed at all)

House no longer makes you invulnerable sometimes

  • Magnet no longer attracts items in shops
  • Dusty Crown no longer messes up traveling between False End and The Riddle
  • Amphetamine increases madness properly
  • rocket from toy fighter and rocket aims better now
  • Elizabeth doesn't float up/down when close to the floor (so Figurine/House/etc work for her now)
  • Chests price gets zeroed properly when robbing a shop
  • Items from red chest after boss fight should no longer stuck one in another
  • Items from red chest after boss fight should no longer make other items in the room vanish (for example after clearing Love Burrow)
  • You can use keyboard/gamepad to select all unlocked characters (it didn't work if you had a locked character inbetween)


  • Turnips always drop good herbs after destroying them (golden/red/blue/rainbow)
  • Elizabeth is much easier to unlock now - she is unlocked after dying 5 times
  • Baseball Glove gives 2 bombs on pickup now
  • Bubbles/Balloons from soap/sponge/etc cannot be popped by player now
  • Hanged girls give less madness if Prozac is not unlocked (=easier for new players)
  • Amphetamine has stronger effect now
  • Remote Baby Head - costs 0 to use, bigger cooldown, higher damage
  • Golden Key no longer opens chests in the shop

Official screenshots[]