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Patch 1.05 is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma. It was released on January 9th, 2016.

Patch notes[]

  • few new shop layouts
  • weight gravity effect is a little smaller (bullets will fly further)
  • medicine ball buff
  • jetpack buff
  • lucky charm effect changed a little
  • tv minor buff
  • repulsor buff
  • force of the 3 buff
  • sand buff
  • ball and chain buff
  • changed the way collision works for bigger spit (it should be easier to fire through small holes)
  • reduced unlock requirements for 3 items
  • tentacles miniboss has pretty rare champion version (not much stronger, but noticeably and pretty rare, also expect other minibosses to get champion version as well in the future)
  • there was one minboss in ep.3 which was not unlocking - I fixed it, but it will take some time before you unlock it

Here is the notification for the update in steam news.

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