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Patch 1.032 is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma. It was released on December 29th, 2015.

Patch notes[]

  • changed the room with difficult/impossible jump which was mentioned in the discussion yesterday
  • moving the stick on gamepad upwards doesnt make you jump anymore
  • the issue with options switching randomly in menu and game crashing after running should be fixed (if not then press F12 in main menu, it fixes this, and let me know)
  • devils teleport range from Emma is changed depending on your madness. The more insanity - the closer they appear. So devils you encounter in ep.2 will usually teleport a little further than previously, devils in ep. 3 same as previously/ a little closer, devils in ep.4 teleport a little closer than previously (like 3 pixels closer)
  • fixed the issue with invulnerable flower shield remaining after a fight with Sp
  • casual mode
  • fixed sporadic crashes in first and fourth episode when switching rooms
  • fixed the issue when the second form of a boss in lvl 8 was sometimes duplicated
  • fixed the issue when Emma was unable to destroy wooden boxes after picking up Bumper
  • fixed the issue when big monsters seemed to not get hit by explosions
  • reduced the fire rate of TV (sort of like Lucky Charm), I might change it a little in the future, but yesterday's TV was definitely too strong

Here is the notification for the update in steam news.

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