The Madness of Little Emma Wiki

Mobs are dynamic entities within The Madness of Little Emma. They can be in a few forms:

  • Animals: Mostly aesthetic, small in size Mobs mainly intended to give the game atmosphere.
  • Bullets: (aka Spit) Technical Mobs shot by the player or by Enemies.
  • Enemies: Mobs which the player must defeat to pass each room.
    • Bosses: Superlatively strong Enemies.
  • Friends: Mobs intending to help the player.
  • Items: Mobs intended to be picked up by the player to yield special effects.
  • The player.
  • Misc Mobs
    • The Bomb.
    • The Buzzsaw.
    • The Cage.
    • The Doll.
    • The Dove.
    • The FireFly.
    • The Gummibear.
    • The Lips.
    • The Little Spirit.
    • The Perfume Cloud.
    • The Super Doll.
    • The Tentacle.
    • The Valentine.