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Madness is an attribute that affects Emma. Madness measure the difficulty of the Enemies the player has to confront; the higher the madness level, the stronger the enemies will be. Current madness level in-game can be found among the other stats at the top-left corner. Madness can be increased by picking up Items, killng the Hangman or picking items from the Empty Shop, and can be decreased by picking up certain items like Prozac. When the player gets a madness level of 6 points, blood will start to rain from the ceiling in every room.

How it works[]

There are two ways to measure the madness level of Emma. One is by the visible madness level, that is the madness level displayed in-game, while the other is by the "true" madness level, this one being the variable managed in the backend.

Emma starts with a base "true" madness level of 5 points, which equals to 0 in visible madness level points. Every time the player picks a special item, for example, the "true" madness level will increase, generally by 5 points, but it can be more depending on the item picked. The visible madness level is obtained by dividing the true madness level by 10 and rounding it down. So, for example, if the player's "true" madness level has a value of 25 points, the visible madness level will be of 2.