The Madness of Little Emma Wiki

Doctor's Black Market is a side level in The Madness of Little Emma.


Doctor's Black Market can be accessed by entering the open door found in shops. This door will only open if Emma is currently holding at least 50 coins, and hasn't killed an Angry Shopkeeper in that run. Also, Doctor's Black Market can only be visited once per run, so meeting the requirements again won't have any special effect. The door will stay open as long as Emma continues to have at least 50 coins, even if she exits the room.


Doctor's Black Market has a set structure of 5 rooms set in a cross-shaped pattern. Emma will enter the Black Market in the lower end of the cross; on the right side of this room will be the door leading back to the regular shop. The central room contains the Doctor, an optional immobile boss. The left and right ends contain two shops (coin-based), while the top room has another shop, this time heart-based. Each of these shops have their own shopkeeper. Blowing up any of them to turn them into Angry Shopkeepers will cause the Doctor in the middle room to become hostile towards Emma and attack her, along with the shopkeeper, should she walk back to the central area. Thus, it is recommended to behave peacefully unless one wants to risk the rest of the run, since the Doctor will close all doors leading to other rooms, trapping the player.


Lotsa damage, lotsa health, and/or a Repulsor Orb.